Bipolar Disorder – Signs, Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder have been found in a greater percentage of women across America. Survey suggests that the count of women getting diagnosed with the disorder increases every year. The signs and symptoms can vary from mild to severe. There may even time when a person does seem to be normal. So Let’s take a look at this psychiatric disease.Signs of Bipolar DisorderCharacterized by mood disorder, bipolar disorder is identified as shift in the mood, energy and functioning ability of a woman. You can further distinguish it by a woman experiencing several cycles of manic episode. Their episodes involve abnormally elevated frame of mind along with depressive symptoms or episodes. But, what actually causes these episodes?Causes (or Triggers) behind Bipolar DisorderCauses behind bipolar disorder in women have always puzzled scientists. Some researches have unearthed theories. However, no one yet has pinpointed the true trigger (external factors) of this malady. Let us have an understanding of some of these triggers, which have been uncovered by scientists through their researches on the disorder:Makeup of a woman’s brain: Researches have indicated that difference in the makeup of a woman’s brain might be one of the causes for bipolar disorder. Two imperative regions of her brain can contain more of those cells, which send signals to every other part of the brain. Theory suggests that these cells can lead to an over-stimulation of their organ. This correlates with what we recognize as a bipolar disorder symptom.Role of Genetics: One of the researches also revealed that Genetics can play a role in causing bipolar disorder. Surveys amongst families of women with this disorder, have been done for supporting this theory. Studies showed that parents, brothers, sisters or children, who have the disorder, are usually apt for a certain type of mood disorder. In case of identical twins, there is 80% chance of both having the disorder, if one is already carrying it.Stressful Environment: Some scientists even feel that stress-filled life might also be a major factor behind precipitating bipolar disorder. Life is full of stressful events. However, different women have distinct reasons to get stressed. What one woman can find stressful, others might thrive upon them. Scientists believe that stress can initiate bipolar disorder in women, who never faced illness before.Everyone feels that once bipolar disorder starts, it continues to flourish and gets nurtured through several physical & psychological means.Symptoms of Bipolar DisorderBipolar Disorder’s symptoms or warning signs include:1-Excessive crying
2-Feeling sad, empty or helpless
3-Fatigued or energy loss
4-Losing interest in things you loved to enjoy
5-Change in appetite or weight
6-Mental or physical sluggishness
7-Finding it difficult to concentrate
8-Sleeping too little or too much
9-Having thoughts of committing suicide
10-Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness
11-Extreme levels of irritability
12-Aggressive behavior
13-Poor judgmentIf you can sense the bipolar disorder symptoms within you or someone you know, it is the right time for consulting a physician and getting an accurate mental health diagnosis.

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