Symptoms and Controlling Panic Attacks – 3 Effective Tips to Relieve Anxiety Symptoms

Almost everyone has heard of panic attacks. Most people do not know about symptoms and controlling panic attacks when they do happen. For those that suffer anxiety disorder watching what you put in your body as well as learning deep relaxation techniques are the quickest all natural methods. As you read this article you will discover the most common symptoms of anxiety attacks and how to control them naturally.If you are one of the millions that suffers from panic attacks I do not have to tell you how terrifying and uncomfortable they can be. What you may not know is if you suffer from panic disorder your receptor or switch in your brain that controls your “fight or flight” response is always “switched on”.The symptoms of a panic attack are usually similar to that of a heart condition. Many who suffer from anxiety disorder are not even aware of what condition they have. Diagnosing symptoms and controlling panic attacks is nearly impossible until you understand what the real problem is.Here are the common symptoms of a panic attack:Overwhelming anxietyAccelerated heart rateTightness of the throatTense or shallow breathing patternDizzinessFeeling disconnected from your environment or inability to focus on anythingJittery or trembling limbsFeeling that you are going crazy or losing your mindHere are 3 quick fixes to curb your anxiety in the future:1) Avoid Stimulants- Caffeine, nicotine and medications (i.e. day time cold medicine) all increase your blood pressure. An accelerated heart rate is common for panic attacks so leave these alone.2) No alcohol- People try to self medicate and calm themselves with a few alcoholic beverages. This may help a little at the time, but in the long run you are actually doing more harm than good. The next morning your symptoms could be more violent than before so avoid alcohol at all costs until you have control over the issue.3) Learn Deep Relaxation Techniques- This covers a lot of ground. You could meditate, take yoga, get a massage or just practice deep breathing techniques. Taking long deep breathes has the effect of calming you down while short shallow breathing will increase your anxiety. If you find your self becoming too stressed out try to think of nothing but long deep breathes. This is a great quick fix if you ever feel an attack coming on.Unfortunately if you do nothing the attacks will not go away on their own. Doctors are very quick to prescribe ineffective medications that have been known to be habit forming and can cause withdrawal symptoms upon completion. Try natural remedies and methods to cure your symptoms as getting off the medications will intensify your anxiety.Diagnosing symptoms and controlling panic attacks go hand in hand. With out a proper diagnosis most people have no idea what is wrong with them. This leads to thoughts of serious medical conditions or even that you are going crazy. By learning how to relax more effectively and not let stress and anxiety build up you can combat panic attacks before they ever begin. Avoid food and medications that will only make your situation worse and do not let yourself become overwhelmed.

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